Who We Are

Imagine what’s possible for you, your family, and your community if everyone were feeling their best.  You’re sleeping well, enjoying healthy relationships with family and at work, and you’re engaged and contributing to local causes. Being clear-minded and pain-free, you’re bringing your very best to life – and everyone is thriving. That’s why we started our pain management clinic located in Lusby, MD.

Infinity Healing believes every human being has the capacity for that brilliance. We are committed to bringing state of the art therapy choices to our local communities so its members experience optimal health and can positively contribute to each others’ lives.

Pain Management Clinic in Lusby, MD

Our History

I’m Maryellen Ammons and I’m a new-world health visionary integrating old world wisdom.

I was chronically ill for 15 years, with some symptoms even tracing back to my childhood. Every day, I felt like I was hit by a mac truck and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me.

It turned out to be a very complex case of Lyme with some other infections thrown in. Just two years ago, I was looking at purchasing anti-fatigue wheelchairs. I owned two canes and I had just started researching going on medical disability.

Today, I am fully recovered. I traveled the country looking for treatments. I researched and tried many traditional, holistic, and ancient therapies. With Infinity Healing, I am bringing the most effective therapies to you here, locally, so you have easier access than I did.

I stand here today to give you hope. No matter what you are dealing with, you can live a vibrant, healthy life. I am.

My sisterPain Management Clinic in Lusby, MD

Infinity Healing is dedicated, in part, to the life of my sister, Anne Ammons. Annie was young, healthy, and athletic–a physical trainer and a new lawyer. She ate healthy foods and lived a healthy life. But she started having symptoms that her doctors couldn’t figure out. She died suddenly in her sleep in her home from a heart attack at 35 years of age – as a result of a birth control medication. Her death shocked everyone who knew her. I want to honor her life by providing a healing center that offers supportive therapies to those who want to explore alternative and complimentary therapies to pharmaceuticals.

Learn more about Annie and the “Letters to Annie Project.”



Pay it Forward

Infinity Healing is a pain management clinic to help you feel amazing – we will walk with you along the way. We are also committed to improving human health for you, your children, grandchildren – for all people, really.

Therefore, to start, we are donating 5% of Infinity Healing profits to non-profit organizations with specific global missions, action plans, and cost infrastructures.

We will also have a Pay-it-Forward program to help people with chronic conditions and other challenges. People with chronic conditions, especially Lyme disease, are often bankrupted by the disease and live in pain and frustration. With this Pay-it-Forward program, you will help them feel amazing and live the lives they should be living.

In addition, Infinity Healing will match all Pay-it-Forward donations.

The first non-profit I have selected is The Dandelion Project, which has a very important mission to make Guernsey the best place to live on earth by 2020.

You may be wondering why a local business in Southern Maryland would have any interest in a non-profit over in the UK? It’s really simple, they are setting the example for all of us. I have been watching this organization for two years and the ideas that spring out of it have had a ripple effect across the world.

Infinity Healing is one of many small ripples starting in this world and this is how I intend to keep that momentum going. Please submit any recommendations for other non-profits directly to me, Maryellen Ammons (owner), at info@infinity.care.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support.

Donate to The Dandelion Foundation