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It is a fancy word for “everyone is different”.  But, if we all are human and have the same basic systems in the body, why is that important for optimal health?  Our western, allopathic system of health largely relies on all of us being built basically the same, but the current treatments miss one very important concept, bioindividuality.  Things are changing with advances in epigenetics, but it has been a slow process.

We are all human, but our bodies run very differently.  How our bodies run depends on many factors…

  • How and where did you grow up?
  • Did you eat fresh organic foods or did you eat foods with many chemicals?
  • Did you get fresh air and quality exercise or did you grow up inside?
  • Where did your ancestors grow up?
  • What’s your blood type?
  • Was your mother healthy?
  • Was your father healthy?
  • Did you follow any restrictive diets in your life?

BioindividualityIf you aren’t feeling optimal, where do you start?

I personally started with functional medicine. I read almost all of Dr. Sherry Rogers’ books and I was hooked.  It just made so much sense to me. The medical professionals in functional medicine can do proper testing to show you toxins, nutritional deficiencies, bacteria, viruses and parasites in your body that is causing it stress and to not function optimally.  The two challenges there are cost and performance. Currently, these tests are very expensive, sometimes invasive and gross (collecting specimens at home) and the therapies are costly, can be invasive and don’t always create a permanent fix for the problem (i.e. lifelong supplementation).  This is also the business model, which requires a reliance on lifelong support to feel well. I lived in this business model for about 10 years and I was definitely helped, but I needed more.

You can also get a lot of benefit from cleaning up your diet and eating slowly in a calm environment.  I am a big fan of local, in season, organic foods and taking time to eat with friends and family. We have amazing farmers’ markets in the area and a fabulous health food store.  Many of our grocery stores are also carrying organic foods as well. There are also many diets that can help correct the imbalances found in your testing that are created by the factors I mentioned above.

Then there is exercise…Did you overexercise in your life?  Did you properly stretch and warmup or did you head right on into it?  Did you measure your Heart Rate Variability to determine if you were ready to train that day?  Did you cross train or did you focus on one exercise? Essentially, did you follow your intuition or train with a quality trainer or did you learn some of the urban myth that is out there in gyms?

Finally, how do you adapt to stress?  Have you measured your HRV lately? Do you feel tightness and tension in your body most of the time?  If that is yes, then you most likely have heavy energy that can be released. Do you have inflammation in your body?  Do you want to learn how to recover properly and live optimally? There are very real energy medicine techniques and technology here that can provide real help for you.

If any of this interests you, please reach out to us, we are here to help you.

At Infinity Healing, we truly believe your health should be in your hands and we work with open minded doctors, quality trainers, quality restaurants and grocery stores to help you on your path to optimal health.  I am a health coach (certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition-2012) and a graduate of The Four Winds Society’s energy medicine program (2017). I traveled all over the United States to bring the latest optimal health technology to Lusby, Maryland to help people perform at a high level and to live optimally.