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Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, the default diagnoses

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No matter how much research you might have done on chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or Fibromyalgia, you likely turned up a lot of conflicting opinions. At one time, they were thought to be birthed from “the yuppie flu” epidemic in the 80’s, or the presence of Epstein Barr in your blood, or due to autoimmune disease, or even from system-wide trauma, like a car accident.

There are no medical tests that prove you have these chronic illnesses, they are diagnosed when nothing else turns up in a typical medical exam. It can be so confusing and frustrating!

If you’re facing the symptoms of wide-spread pain, or severe joint pain, or brain fog and physical heaviness, then your search may have landed you here. It’s natural to want to know what caused your symptoms, but it actually may not be that important.

The best place to start is right here, where you are. At Infinity Healing, we’ll listen to what you’ve tried, what has worked, and what hasn’t – and talk through a therapy approach that is specific to you. It will take commitment on your part as well as a mindset and belief that your symptoms will be eased – because they will!

A few examples of therapies for chronic pain and illness include:

  • Nutrition: Ensuring your body has the right nutrients can rapidly improve how you’re feeling and increase your immune system function
  • Float tank: Chronic illness and pain drain the central nervous system and the sensory deprivation benefits can help reset your body’s natural rhythms
  • Biomat: Widespread pain in the body can be ‘drained’ by the pulsating ions that rejuvenate the cells

Every body is different, so therapy approaches will vary. These examples give you a picture of other options that you may not have considered in your wellbeing. Are you ready to try something that could help you heal? We’d love to guide you: schedule a free initial consultation or to book a therapy session here.

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