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Inner Peace

In Blog by Maryellen

There is so much written about this, why can’t we find it? Why can’t people feel it? It’s in many self help books, people create whole careers out of studying it, yet very few people actually find it. Why is that? Please read this carefully, feel the words and start the practices. You will change your whole worldview on inner peace.

Much of it comes down to energy management. Inner peace is light energy and if you are carrying a lot of heaviness, you can’t find it.

Ask yourself basic questions like…whose energy system are you feeling? Yours or someone else’s in your life, in your space, in your family? Is this pain yours or someone else’s?

We are all made of energy systems and some carry much more heaviness than others. Different people actually consist of different energy systems and signatures. It’s much like having blond or brown hair. Not one is necessarily better than another, they are just different.

Oftentimes, people carry heavy energy for others, with others and because of others. Releasing your fears, worries, anxieties through healthy earth based practices (I happen to love shamanism for this) can provide you with real, practical ways to feel the heaviness lift from your life. Daily energy management techniques like releasing heaviness with water, stones, fire, crystals, etc. are simple, available for everyone and critical.

But what does this have to do with inner peace? When you clear and clean your energy systems, a deep feeling of peace starts to enter your body and your life. Your body works better and you heal from or avoid disease altogether.

Another way to put it is…If your energy systems are clogged like a sewer, if you are an energy Pig-Pen, then you can’t feel the inner peace. The actual feeling of peace is very light energy and can be easily overlooked when you are bogged down by heaviness.

Well, what truly causes the heaviness? A lot of it is the human emotions of fear, anger, lust, greed, sloth, jealousy, pride. Some carry their own heaviness in their fields, others inappropriately take on the heaviness of people, some have that responsibility at the soul level to help large groups of people, and many people don’t know what is theirs to carry and what others should carry. Sometimes it has to with living completely out of alignment with what you came to this planet to do. If you are out of harmony inside, it will be reflected in your field and in your life. How will you know?

Well, it’s pretty simple. You feel yucky, you have less energy at the end of the day and you live your life tired. Disease states always start with heavy energy.

For people to find inner peace, I think it’s important to demystify this process a bit. I believe high levels of health and high vibrational living is here for everyone. It’s not necessarily religious or spiritual, it’s just energy.

Key practices are: daily clearings (morning and night), yoga, deep breathing, making a conscious choice to be happy in every moment, deep cleansing practices like fire ceremony, speaking your truth from the heart, establishing and maintaining healthy, loving relationships with people that care about you as much as you care about them. It’s also critical to feel only your energy on a regular basis.

If you need help with this, get the help. Go inside and find the person with the medicine you need at the moment. Your soul will always guide you to the person that will help you the most. Sometimes it’s the person that will teach you a lesson, sometimes it’s the person that will catalyze change in your life and sometimes it’s the person where you will find the deepest love.

Inner peace comes when you connect into your unique energy system. There you will find your gifts and your joy. And, the best part is…when you find inner peace, the world finds inner peace.