listen to the whispers

Listen to the whispers…

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I hear that all of the time, maybe you do too.  Well, what does that really mean and how can you do it too?  That is truly the path to an optimal life.

For many years, I was sick and in pain and really didn’t think there was an end in sight.  For me, it took a lot of money and time away from my family and work to figure it out.  I guess I am very stubborn.  My path to optimal health was long, expensive and very painful.  It took me over 15 years and over $300,000 to get well.  That’s really ridiculous, truly.  I was way off path.

We are now helping people achieve the same or better results in under 6 months at Infinity Healing (we’ve only been open 9).  And that’s a conservative number.  The results we are seeing are significant.

How are we doing this?  Let me tell you a story…

I recently injured myself weight lifting – I had about 145 pounds on my back and I was doing well with the heavy weight.  On set two, I went down (not gracefully, but with an awkward stunt roll backward).  I definitely injured my back and was very worried that I would not be able to keep up with my active life.  With two kids and a health business to run, I really can’t afford to have any time for injury.  How on earth did this happen and what did I do about it?

It happened because I didn’t listen to the whisper.  The whisper is that voice in your head, sometimes the voice of people that love and care about you, and definitely any pain you feel in your body.   Mine was telling me that I needed cryotherapy the day before to help with recovery and I just did not listen.  I thought about it and came up with all of the excuses about why I couldn’t do it (it was the end of the day, I was cleaning up and I didn’t want to make my co-worker stay late).  All excellent sounding excuses for me not to do what my body and intuition was telling me, I procrastinated big time.  By now you would think I would know better.  Like I said, I am stubborn.

So, I did the Trifecta that day (Cryotherapy, NovoTHOR PBM and HUGO PEMF) and I woke up the next day in level 15 pain.  My co-worker that day had suggested a gentler PEMF, but I did not listen.  Of course.  With such a recent and aggressive injury, I should have been more gentle on my body.  More is better right?

The next day I was scheduled to talk at an amazing retreat and take my daughter to her favorite play on the planet.  After being sick and practically bedridden for so long, there was no way I wasn’t going to live my life to the fullest.  I was not going to miss a second of this life.  So, I got up and started my day.  By the end of the day, I was only in a level 1 pain.

I realized that my path back was to love my body and really listen to what it needed.  So, after the retreat, I made it a priority to get into the NovoTHOR bed and the gentler PEMF, like I should have done the day before.  I left an amazing lunch on the table there and listened very closely to my intuition.  My pain went down from a 15 to almost a 1 right after these two therapies.  I did also take Advil and Tylenol that day, but I felt the effects from the therapies almost immediately.

I went to the play in DC and sat through the entire 4 hours with very little pain.  I saw my daughter’s smile the entire time and I cried very grateful tears.  At all of the wrong moments in the play of course, so people had no idea what was going on 🙂

These therapies truly changed my life that day and I realized how powerful they are to help others.  They gave me my life back that day and I am truly, deeply thankful for them.  I also thought about how thankful I am for this community and how you motivated me to bring this business into the local community.  Tears, people.  And, I don’t cry very easily (although I do think it’s a super power and very much admire people who can).

I was back on a spin bike 5 days later.  I achieved optimal health by listening to the whispers and I maintain optimal health by doing that same thing.  Sometimes I get off path, but I quickly get right back on it.  We are all human.

Listen to that inner voice, it always knows best.  Get help when you need it, only the weak suffer in silence.  Be strong, be vulnerable and live a life of service to others.  These are the secrets to optimal living.

Thank you for motivating me to open this business, thank you for all of your comments, jokes, and hugs and thank you for motivating me to do more with my life.  This is just the beginning.

Much love,