Energy Work in Lusby, MD

Energy Work

Imagine this as your new reality…your relationships are great (you fight less and communicate better), your thinking is fast and clear at work and home, you don’t feel anxious in stressful situations, you sleep well, you exercise regularly, and you take good care of your body. Essentially, you are optimistic about life and you live in the moment – you are happier and healthier overall.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

What is energy work?

Everyday experiences, interactions, thoughts, and beliefs can negatively impact your energy field.  Energy work is a therapy that removes heavy energy from your field and brings in light energy.

How does it work?

While energy work can’t be explained in common terms, it is not some esoteric practice with unmeasurable outcomes. In my personal experience, and in the experience of my clients, it is exactly the opposite.  Some of the techniques may seem a little foreign to you because I combine very ancient ways of moving energy with new practices.

It is highly personalized work and I tailor each session to the client. It is a co-creative process because you’ll also need to be ready to make changes in your daily life.  You will be amazed at how your life will change for the better as a result.

This is my life’s purpose. I have dedicated my life to support people as they heal in a cost effective and results oriented way: ultimately to measure the results of this work and bring it into common practice. I am deeply grateful to the healers that have supported me in my life and I am humbly offering to gift that to you as well.

Here are some comments from my current clients:

“Working with Maryellen has been wonderful. It has allowed me to process and release a lot within a very short space of time which really helped me overcome a lot of challenges that I was dealing with. I particularly notice and am grateful for how my relationship with my eldest son has been transformed.”

“It was such a pleasure working with Maryellen and her method of energy work. I had already done lots of techniques and formats on my own to heal old wounds by using forgiveness etc. but lots of my anxiety about the future remained both professionally and personally. After working with Maryellen over several months I was able to find a place of deep peace and knowing that everything was going to be ok and I just needed to focus on my vision and dreams, do my daily work /activities / actions and take one day at a time. My anxiety and worry has subsided immensely and I am able to live with more time in joy, curiosity and high energy. I am very thankful for having Maryellen as a true guide and healer in my life.”

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