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Infinity Energy Program – guided by Maryellen Ammons


This type of energy work is deeply healing and brings much happiness and joy into our clients’ lives. Through this work, our clients experience a major shift to a much lighter life and they experience more bliss and peace in their daily lives. Normal experiences with this work consist of healing the physical body, improving relationships with loved ones and shifting to work they love and generally experiencing life from a much broader perspective. You deserve to feel amazing, it’s your birthright.

This program is a deep, individually focused, soul level healing program. It consists of 4-6 sessions, over a period of 1-3 months. This is jointly decided by Maryellen and the client before the program is initiated. These sessions focus on releasing heavy energies and resistance and calling in those things that your soul desires to happen in your lifetime. Working together, Maryellen and the client identify and release those things holding the client back in life. While the number of sessions and pace is highly individualized, this program is loosely based on the shamanic medicine wheel of the four cardinal directions and a system of clearing and working with high level energies for the client’s healing. This program is also designed to teach the client how to manage their life and work with these energies on a daily basis.

Maryellen’s goal is to work with clients with a program and teach them how to live their lives independently to manage their own energies. Through this program, you will identify your soul contract, heal your original soul wounds, repattern your behaviors and shift your life toward your highest destiny.

Healing modalities

As an earth keeper, Maryellen is gifted in working with the earth energies and planetary energies to support the client’s healing. This includes removing blocks to healing, calling in healing energies in a deep, compassionate way for her clients. Her work includes:

  • Shamanic healing (ceremonies, journeying, sound healing, clearing spaces, chakra clearing and trauma release)
  • Transformational healing techniques (clearing blocks and calling in healing energies)
  • Mediumship
  • Activating light codes and DNA for healing
  • Tree of Life healing (working on the energy plane to shift your life between sessions)
  • Connecting people in sacred relationships such as soul connections and twin flame relationships, removing blocks and shaping healthy relationships

Her most sacred work includes crossing over loved ones and releasing souls from the physical body to make their journey home. Messages are usually passed to loved ones during the process.

Generally speaking, it is helpful to be on a clean, organic diet prior to initiating the program and if you have a chronic illness, use of the technologies at Infinity Healing is critical for managing the healing reactions between sessions. If you are generally well, you may choose to use the technologies or engage in a regular program of yoga, massage, and/or acupuncture to keep the energy moving between sessions.

If you feel stuck, want to find your purpose and want to make deeper transformations in your life and your health, this program can really help you.

Each session includes setting sacred space together, deep releases of traumas and affinities from this life, other lifetimes, and areas of your subconscious that are difficult for you to access. You will feel the physical changes in your body. Each session also includes removing blocks through a system of clearing learned in the Transformational Training. The clients are normally guided to do homework between sessions like creating a sacred space in their home, journaling, creating a sand painting, or other earth based practices.

Group Sessions

Maryellen is available to assist small groups with healing and those organizations wanting to work on specific areas for multiple people. She also works with athletic teams, companies and teams within companies to support a healthier overall work environment. This work is especially helpful to smooth out team dynamics and support teams going through organizational change. This work does tend to improve athletic performance as well.


-Q: Should I bring anything to the session?

A: People love to wear comfortable clothing and get settled in. Each session usually includes a sound healing session on HUSO to set the physical body in a calm state to release energy and call in lightness. You may also record your session for deeper healing between sessions.

-Q: Do you have to be in person for the session?

A: Sessions are done either in person or remotely. Energy is energy and can be moved and shifted just as effectively, regardless of whether the healer and the client are in the same room or not.

-Q: Is there a conflict with religion with this work?

A: This work is based on the principles of moving energy and does not conflict with any religions. Maryellen typically connects people with their religious beliefs and honors and respects the individual and their desires to connect with their individual religions. Feel free to discuss any beliefs with her at the first session.

-Q: How does this energy work differ from other energy healing techniques like acupuncture or reiki?

A: This soul level work provides deep release from patterns holding the client back in life. People typically see life changes immediately after one session and find that their life and health is transformed after the program. It is like uncorking a champagne bottle for your soul and your body. Other energy modalities like acupuncture, reiki and massage are all excellent modalities to support the physical body to handle this level of energy moving after each session.

Maryellen is a very grounded and highly intuitive shaman/healer. Her specific expertise lies in healing at the soul level and support for the physical body. As a shaman/healer, Maryellen has dedicated her life to the helping people on the planet. This is a very deep, soul level calling for her and loves to help her clients shift their lives in a positive way. A bliss state is available for everyone and her clients find that state through their sessions.

Her certifications include:

  • Graduate: The Four Winds Society
  • Level I: Transformational Healing (Twin Flame Healers)
-Graduate: The Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Graduate: NAVAIR Executive Development program

$1000/individual session

$3000 for individual medicine wheel

Group medicine wheel journey: $2000/person

Corporate sessions (strategic and tactical planning):
-single session: $1200 (max 10 people)*
-program/project transformation: $5000 (max 20 people, 4 sessions total)*

*small business discounts available

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Here are some comments from my current clients:

“Working with Maryellen has been wonderful. It has allowed me to process and release a lot within a very short space of time which really helped me overcome a lot of challenges that I was dealing with. I particularly notice and am grateful for how my relationship with my eldest son has been transformed.”

“It was such a pleasure working with Maryellen and her method of energy work. I had already done lots of techniques and formats on my own to heal old wounds by using forgiveness etc. but lots of my anxiety about the future remained both professionally and personally. After working with Maryellen over several months I was able to find a place of deep peace and knowing that everything was going to be ok and I just needed to focus on my vision and dreams, do my daily work /activities / actions and take one day at a time. My anxiety and worry has subsided immensely and I am able to live with more time in joy, curiosity and high energy. I am very thankful for having Maryellen as a true guide and healer in my life.”

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