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Why did I open Infinity Healing?

In Blog by Maryellen

As I get ready to go through a major shift again in my life, I feel really compelled to go back to this question.  In my answer, I hope you find something that will help you live your absolute best life.

When I was a little girl, I often thought that the world and its people are a speck on a giant’s thumbnail.  That there is so much out there bigger than us, that we don’t even realize or comprehend.  As I grew up, I forgot about that and worked on living the life I thought I should live based on other people’s standards. I was a leader in school, I got great grades, I made many friends and accomplished much, according to others.  Inside, however, a part of me felt very alone and I didn’t feel like I was living for me. Outside validation was how I lived my life and I truly thought I was happy.

When I graduated college, I got a good job working for the Navy and felt a sense of mission and purpose in my work.  I was supporting freedom in my country by negotiating contracts and protecting the taxpayer’s money.  I took those responsibilities very seriously and again, accomplished much in my career.  I also got married and started a family, which filled my days and showed me a level of love I didn’t realize was out there.  I also developed a deep sickness, my body stopped working and I started looking to doctors for answers to why I was so tired, in so much pain and why I couldn’t sleep.  They couldn’t really tell me. I spent 15 years searching outside of myself for these answers.  What I did and tried is not important for this message, I tried it all. And, I almost died multiple times resisting the needed changes in my life to rise to my path.

Then I met my first shaman, someone truly connected with Great Spirit, who had also gone through a lot in his life.  I looked deep inside and realized that I was not living the life I came here to live.  I was definitely helping people, but not in the way I was born to help people.  I had lost my soul’s purpose and had forgotten the memory of the giant’s thumbnail that I knew as a child.  That the universe is so much bigger than us, that we are here to connect and help each other, and that I have a large role to play in helping others feel better.  I always knew this, but it was buried so thoroughly that I lost the memory.  This was my soul’s contract.

I went through all of the stages of grieving my life and releasing the heaviness that I had accumulated over time.  Again, exactly what I did is really not important for this story, but I got some high quality help.  At that first session with the shaman, I found my soul’s purpose, my soul’s contract, buried deep inside of me.  I told him that I am a great healer.  And it came directly from my soul.  And it excited me and scared me to say it out loud.

He did not tell me, he held space for me to find it.  And, he connected me with my soul.  I then went through the fire of the Phoenix.  That is my medicine.  I transformed my life quickly and sometimes very painfully.  I retired early from my civilian career, I moved from my house of 15 years, I got divorced and I shed all of those things that needed to go for me to move forward.

I sat for many hours and connected with my true, unique, path.  My very own, no one else’s.  This business came from my soul.  From a profound love for every single human on this planet.  When I recovered my body and my life, I knew it was possible for anyone to do that.

After having been so sick, I wanted to create a space for true healing, one where anyone could come in and feel better right away.  I have always been interested in the human body, how it works, and technology.  I started looking around at the marketplace and found amazing machines to support cellular healing.  When you heal the cells, the whole body heals.  I spent four months (45 years and 4 months) creating the space.  I was up at 2:00 in the morning looking at furniture, negotiating pricing, and trying to figure out how to pay for it all.  People often ask me how I did all of this. I called for it.  I got support on so many levels, when I truly stepped in to my calling.

There is so much more to the story, but I want to jump right to results.  I had no idea how powerful the combination of this technology and the ancient methods would be to support the human body to heal.  I see miracles every day.  People are showing up, they are healing their bodies and I have gained so much in my life.  I live my life with a profound sense of purpose, of giving to others. In return, I have met amazing people, I live a life of freedom and the support just keeps coming.  I want this level of health and happiness for every soul walking this planet.  This is exactly how you can do it too. Go deep inside, explore those spaces of your soul and start to live the life you came here to live.  It is different for everyone, but everyone has the answer right there.

Recently, in a session for myself, I felt the deep call of Great Sprit again.  It was in my blood, my bones, my cells and my soul.  It is a deepening and quickening of my work for humanity.  I am turning inside again to explore my path and paying close attention to my inner compass.

So now my soul’s question is…what’s next?  I can’t wait to see it and share it with the world.  You, my community, will be the first to know.